The Top 5 Truths From the Minimalist Gurus


After reading many different books on minimalism, embarking on my own simple living journey, and doing a lot of research on different simple living philosophies, I have gathered the Top Five Simple Living Truths that the minimalist gurus promote. I have applied these truths to my life on my simple living journey and it has transformed my negative thinking into positive excitement! 

Top 5 Truths from the Minimalist Gurus 

1. Minimalism is a journey. It may take multiple decluttering days and routine upkeep to stay in that happy place that works for you (and your family).

2. Minimalism (or a simple happy life as I like to call it) WILL look different for everyone.

3. Your minimalism is not better or worse than anyone else's minimalism based on the amount of items you have.

4. Minimalism is about finding joy in life again by staying in control of the items you have so you can spend time focusing on things that matter (friends, family, fun projects), rather than spending time cleaning, shopping, and maintaining the objects we bring into our lives.

5. We all value different things and we want to promote the things we value.

        For example: Person A values books and not so much accessories. So person A may have a          library and very few accessories. If person B values accessories and not books then person B will have more accessories and only a handful of books.

  • The point of this example? Both of these people can be minimalists! There are no rules! Minimalism is about promoting and making time for what you love and what brings you joy. Don't  let anyone tell you that you are not a minimalist because of "x,y,z." Like I said minimalism is a journey and I guarantee it will look different from everyone else's simple happy life.