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Hi. I am Juliauna

We all want to be happy. When we look back at our lives we want to say that we lived a happy life. I find that my life was filled with things that brought me down and was standing in the way of my happiness and I finally decided enough was enough.

Join me on my journey to live a happy life by using tools that will promote what I love and minimize the things that add stress. I have been on my living simply journey for 2 years now and am working on it every day.

I am married to my high school sweetheart who supports me and is also on the same journey to find happiness with the tools that he has. We have a puppy named Stoick. I love Disney, psychology, coloring, and spending time with those I love. I hate cleaning, and stressing over clutter, and cooking. I am religious and I want to live a good life that not only includes happiness but brining positivity to those around me.  

I love finding hacks to life that will take out the things I hate doing and I hope that you find some of these thoughts and tips helpful to allow you more time to go find your happiness.