Wisdom Wednesday

Many people take pride in always being busy and some wear it as a badge of honor. However, this is not healthy. The children of these people that are always on the go are also scheduled to the breaking point and they don't have time to be kids. We weren't designed to always be going and that wears us down.

This summer may be more hectic for you or summer time might be more calm. Whatever the case, don't let taking care of yourself be cut from your list. Like I have said, we only have one chance at this life. Do you want to look back on it saying I was always busy. I bet if you look back at some of your favorite memories they often didn't happen when you were busy and stressed. Without a healthy mind and body we won't be able to enjoy life as much. So take the time you need, give the kids the time they need and focus on healing yourselves. Now is the time to do it before we get into the school year, and then the holiday season.