The Ironic Minimalist Christmas

First I must state that my husband is not a minimalist. My husband is not a hoarder. I used to be the hoarder of the family. I started this simple living journey almost two years ago and just this last year was the first year that I had wanted a very merry minimalist Christmas for myself.

I had done so much work to get rid of things that I didn’t want to undo everything in one day was a heartbreaking thought.

Patrick is a very supportive husband and does his best to make sure that he doesn't add to the clutter. Usually he picks gifts that come from my ongoing gift list. A few weeks before Christmas this huge wrapped boxes appears under the tree. On the tag it says that it is to me from my Patrick. I tried to pick it up but it was too heavy and my first thought was ‘oh no.’.

As the days went on my husband would ask what do you think is in the box? What do you think I got you? I listed off my ideas that were impossible because they were so small. I couldn’t think of a single big thing that I had asked for. I had asked for things like a photography class, a special face mask, moisturizer, an eyeshadow! What on Earth could be in that box!?!

That box sat there for days. It started to drive me a little crazy.


Finally Christmas morning came. I came out to my stocking (which has always been my favorite part) but for the first time that wasn’t the thing I was excited about. Today was the day that I would finally know what I am up against! What is finally coming into my house.

I started with my stocking: an orange and the soft peppermint canes that I always got in my stocking when I was a child. My eye shadow! Two bunches of eucalyptus for me to dry out for my bathroom and the rest of the house! The DVD that I had asked for and my yearly skincare replenish! Beautiful! All consumables and the one DVD that I had been dying for.

My husband then opened his gifts. They were all very functional and practical.  A suit for work since his luggage got lost, an umbrella with a lifetime warranty, and a few other odd and ends that he had been wanting.

Finally it was time to open the big present. Patrick was really excited and wanted to save it until the end. I tried to lift it up and shake it. That was not happening. It was way to heavy. As I pulled off the wrapping paper I was preparing myself mentally. I finally get the paper off and the tape off and I get it open.

Its full of his clothes! Packed to the brim. I turned to him with a confused look on my face. He had a sly grin. He explained that what he got me wouldn’t fit under the tree but he still wanted me to have something to unwrap. I could feel my eyes widening. What on Earth could be so big that it doesn’t fit under the tree? He went on to explain that the box of old clothes were things that I could donate and declutter. I was so touched but then he said that wasn’t the gift and that he had been saving for a while.

He handed me an envelope and when I opened it was full of money. My husband remembered that I mentioned that I would love a new bed since the one we have was a bit small and with a husband that is 6’5’ and a big dog that likes to sleep with us I always seemed to be fighting for space. The gift was something I had forgotten that I wanted but also really needed! A new bed! That was one of the most thoughtful gifts I had ever received! I have had issues sleeping for as long as I can remember and my bed is very important to me. So a good nights sleep was the best gift ever.

This last Christmas taught me that it isn’t the size or the amount of stuff that comes into your house. It’s the value it will add to your life. The king bed was literally one of the biggest Christmas presents he could have gotten me yet it added so much value to my everyday life that I am so grateful. For a minimalist sometimes the best presents come in big packages. ;)